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Muggy weather, meet your match: The Shield Anti-Humidity Spray. If the word 'humidity' makes you recoil, this formula is set to be your new best friend, because it protects all hair types from the perils of moisture – working to shield your hair from frizz, no matter what your weather app predicts.

Locking in your style and defending it against heat (up to 230°C!), sticky weather and harmful UV rays, this smoothing, lightweight, invisible spray extends your style and protects for up to 24 frizz-free hours. Polyquaternum-59 – a conditioning polymer – smooths the hair cuticle and protects against the sun while encouraging shine; hydrolyzed keratin improves moisture retention and promotes bounce; and sea buckthorn (an incredibly potent and natural 'superfuit') pumps strands with omega 7 fatty acids and antioxidant-rich vitamins to promote elasticity, protect and provide superior levels of hydration to both hair and scalp.